2014 Phantom X2 – 500W (38.4V 12Ah)

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2-Year Warranty & Shipping Included!
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For Questions:   615-491-0096

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Please Note: Both the Phantom X and the Phantom X2 have identical components except the Phantom X2 that comes with the upgraded 12amp battery – and that’s the only difference in the X and X2.  FYI.

As stylish as it is powerful, the Phantom X2 is considered by industry insiders to be the most aggressive and affordable folding electric bike on the market. The Phantom X2 features the superior strength and high-end torque of a 500-watt, direct-drive motor mounted in the rear wheel and provides 720 watts at peak. Riders rave about the elite components and adjustability of this matte black-and-red beauty. The precise engineering of the SRAM drive train consisting of an X7 Twist 8-speed shifter and X7 8-speed mid derailleur will satisfy smart riders. Thanks to the 38-volt, 12-amp hour advanced lithium ion battery (LiFePO4) the Phantom X2 has a maximum range of 38 miles per charge. Just give a half-twist to the “power-on-demand” propulsion throttle and off you go. Or, if you prefer, pedal as you would on a regular bicycle for routine exercise. The 58-pound Phantom X2 also boasts a foldable, lightweight, aircraft-grade, aluminum alloy frame and a shock-minimizing 120-mm ZXR magnesium suspension fork. The smooth and responsive Avid BB7 disc brake system along with Avid 180-mm, HS1 heat-shedding rotors are the best in their class and provide incredible stopping power. Continental Traffic 26-inch tires and triple-box wide 32-mm rims roll fast on pavement, but also inspire confidence on dirt and gravel trails. This high-end component package results in one enjoyable ride. Things you should know.


  • Motor:  500 watt Direct Drive Rear Hub
  • Battery: LiFEPO4 Lithium Iron Posphate Prismatic Polymer Cell
  • Volts/Amps: 38.4Volts/12Ah
  • Charging time: 5.5 hrs
  • Charge cycles: 2000+
  • Half-Twist Throttle
  • Speed:  up to 20mph
  • Distance: 28 to 38 miles
  • Folding Frame:  Yes
  • Frame/Finish: Aluminum/Flat Black w/Satin Clear Coat
  • Derailleur: SRAM X7 8 Speed Mid
  • Tires: Continental Traffic 26″ x 2.1″
  • Triple box anodized rims offers improved balancing with superior strength
  • Brakes: Avid BB7 Disc Brakes F & R
  • Weight: 58lbs


  • Factory Direct Shipping (Continental USA Only)
  • Two-Year Warranty All Electrical Components
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support 
  • 48 Page User Manual
  • Adjustment Tool
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • Kick Stand 

To Order:             800-651-9391
For Questions:   615-491-0096


  • I received my Prodeco Phantom X2 yesterday. I have to say this is an excellent bike. It is built like a tank. I am very satisfy with the quality of this bike and its 500w motor gives me plenty of power to climb those San Francisco hills. With a little pedal assist, I was able to ride up steep hills without breaking a sweat. I like that it is very portable because it folds in half. But, the bike is a little heavy. A big “thank you” to Randy Elliott of Goebikes.com for the best customer service anyone can ask for and making my buying experience a pleasant one. Randy is friendly. He answered all my email questions promptly, kept me updated on status and delivery date.

  • Yes, the Phantom X2 is all it it is advertised to be and more. I’m new to the ebike world and am totally amazed by it. How fun, twist the handle and go. It easily climbs the hills of the pacific nw. with little effort and on flat ground no peddling required. It is very well built and was easy to learn how to operate. The bike arrived in perfect shape, very well packaged and protected for shipping. Buying it from Goebikes was also a good experience. Randy kept me posted on the news and progress throughout the process. I give the PhantomX2 and Goebikes my highest rating!!
    PS. It’s a great buy for the price.

  • Got my Phantom X2 four days ago and have been riding it daily. Turned in my leased car and we are now a one-car family, the Phantom being my primary vehicle for commute to work, taking my daughter to school, cruising around town, grocery shopping, etc. I bought a child trailer and the combination fits all my needs. I had a couple of questions regarding the bike and called Randy. He was very knowledgeable (being a Phantom owner himself) and I got the bike within 4 days of purchase. As advertised, it was a quick install (seat and steering stem) and I was off on the road for a test drive (battery was fully charged, tires were pressured, everything was ready to go!). I’ve done ALOT of research on ebikes and Prodeco’s Phantom X2 the best you can get: folds easily, good power, good range, versatile with accessories, light, well-built, top-notch components, …)! You won’t be wasting your money on cheapo Chinese crap. I give the X2 the 5 out of 5 stars and Randy gets an extra star for his Great Customer Care!

  • Alright I got this bike six months ago and promised Randy I’d give him so feedback, so here it is (sorry it’s long):
    1. got the bike within a week of ordering it and it was easy to install, battery had full charge.
    2. rode it hard through all sorts of terrain and busted the back tire tube on the first day. Replaced it and haven’t since (it’s been six months).
    3. bike tops out at at 20mph/34kph because it is governed that way. I’ve rode through country and town and wish it had more juice on the open road, but quickly found out that 20mph max is reasonably safe in town (i’ve had a couple run ins with some fences that confirmed that 20 mph is all you need to hurt yourself, but not much…)
    4. Range is about 30 miles with no pedaling. In really hilly country it is less (takes alot of juice to go up those steep hills), but you can bet that even then you will get at least 20 miles.
    5. Recharging the battery only takes 6 hours (other models take a whole lot more, so you might have to get two batteries so you can alternate).
    6. I bought a double child chariot to stick on the back of my phantom x2 so I could take my kids around town, do groceries, etc. I bought a Burley D’Lite and it works just fine. The Phantom’s back axle is just a little wider than a normal bike so I had to bore through the Burley-provided hitch hardware in order for it to fit. I also had to get some washers to fit between the hitch hardware and the nut so I could get a good fit, but that was just a quick HomeDepot run. The kids love getting trailered around town and there’s enough room in the back for some small groceries.
    7. The bike folds in half. Just in case that doesn’t register up front: THE BIKE FOLDS IN HALF!!!! I’ve had friends give me rides home on rainy days and there’s nothing more easy than sticking this bike in the back of a normal sized car. The front has a quick disconnect if you need it, although I haven’t . The back wheel does not come off easy (need plyers), but I’ve never needed to take it off.
    8. The seat is very comfortable. There are a ton of very expensive gel-seats out there, but the one provided feels just fine.
    9. The handlebars are the right size. Some are too narrow, others have the potential to scrape parked cars or oncoming traffic, these are just the right size that you can control the bike, attach extra gear (I have an odometer, a cellphone holder so i can use the GPS function on my iPHone, and a forward facing light).
    9A. The throttle is a TON more practical than the thumbswitch. Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle will tell you they get right wrist aches, but can you imagine if all that pressure was on your thumb!! with bumpy roads and all!! no way. after about ten minutes my thimb would give in…
    10. The disk brakes are awesome! can stop on a dime, but also can be adjusted easily as time (weather) permits so that when metal contracts in winter time, you can adjust them accordingly so they don’t rub (and lose power).
    11. kickstand is very convenient and saves the tires/tubes since they have less pressure during idle times. It’s adjustable as well.
    12. The 8 gears make it so the bike can actually be ridden as a normal bicycle when the electric function is not available or undesired.
    13. The suspension is critical. It’s great that the bike can go 20-30 miles on a charge, but if your arms are done by 10 miles, that’s no good. The suspension really makes for a clean, smooth ride.
    14. Travel. Since it’s a bicycle, you can take it on certain buses, most trains, and on planes. I just moved to Germany and the airline let me box it up and take it with me (with the battery separated in a checked luggage). Talk about convenience, I didn’t have to rent a car but was still able to get around!! The battery charger can take 100V to 240V so all you need is an adapter ($3.50 at any hardware store depending on your inbound country) to charge up your battery and get going!
    So what about the things I have found challenging:
    1. The tires are too wide for some public bike racks. I actually don’t care. I park it next to the rails, use the kick-stand to keep it upright, and latch the front wheel to the public bike rack rail.
    2. No front light. I actually don’t care. I prefer getting to choose my front light (a battery-operated Cateye that doesn’t drain my go-juice) without it impacting my range.
    3. Bottle holder studs on the top. I’m actually okay with that. I’m 5’11” and can clear the bracket but anyone with shorter legs may have to watch out what they put on the studs. I have a water bottle/small tire pump combo and it fits just fine. If it was underneath, it would make for an awkward reach when trying to grab your water bottle.
    4. Pedal sticking. Yeah I got that too al little bit, but nothing a little WD-40 couldn’t cure.
    5. Back Battery Controller braces. They shake and make noise. Need to be tightened once in a while. – Yeah I’ve experienced that too, but after replacing the washers with some non-slip washer types, that hasn’t been a problem.
    6. No rear suspension. I don’t need it. It’s only useful for off-road downhill bumpy trails and I avoid those situations.
    7. No attachments for saddle bags or other gear. I guess that would be a nice modification for the 2014/15 models. I could see a couple studs just below the folding mechanism to put a tool kit, water bottle, first aid…). The battery converter pack is already heavy, but a couple latches could be added to allow for the placement of saddlebags on either or both sides. Could also have the option for a Front basket just past the handlebars in case you wanted to spread some of that weight around.
    8. More speed/juice/range!!! Well… Wouldn’t we all wish it could go faster, further… as battery technology evolves, we may our wish, in the mean time, plan your trip accordingly. I would appreciate a better delineation of power so I don’t just have “Full-Half-Empty”. A gauge of available charge would be helpful (100-90-80-70…..30-20-10). I know that’s hard since charge doesn’t correlate necessarily to distance (uphill takes more charge than downhill…) , but it would give a better estimate than half-empty…

    So in summary, the Phantom X2 is an AMAZING bike!! It’s like a mini-motorcycle, without having to worry about one-way streets, small paths, long red lights (with no opposing traffic), when you need to travel, you don’t have to worry about fuel/oil leaks in the back of your car, the airline will accept your bike as a checked luggage (provided the box it comes in says “bicycle”), you can take into your hotel room, you can park it anywhere, …….. the list is long. But the best thing about the Phantom x2 is the price for what you get!!!! Equivalent e-bikes will run you upwards of $3k. For half the price, you get a better bike! And Randy will walk you through every step of the way and get you a bike within a week! Can’t beat that customer service! Have a fun ride.


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